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How to Remove Mold From Wood Trim Outdoors

    • 1). Put on the rubber gloves.

    • 2). Measure 4 cups of water into the bucket.

    • 3). Add 1 cup of bleach to the water in the bucket.

    • 4). Add 1 Tbsp of mild detergent to the bleach and water in the bucket.

    • 5). Stir the mixture with your gloved hand until all the ingredients are well blended and a layer of bubbles begins to form atop the surface.

    • 6). Saturate the sponge with the cleaning mixture.

    • 7). Wash the mold off of the wooden trim by rubbing the sponge over the affected areas.

    • 8). Repeat as necessary until all traces of the mold have been removed.

    • 9). Rinse the area with clean, cool water and allow the trim to air dry.

    • 10

      Dispose of the remaining cleaning mixture by pouring it down the drain.

    • 11

      Wash the bucket, sponge and gloves with mild detergent and water to remove any traces of both mold and bleach.

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