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Student Help For Speaking in Front of a Classroom

Teachers will have students speak in front of classrooms periodically.
Some students might get nervous standing in front of their classmates to speak.
Not knowing where to look when talking, they might look up to the ceiling or look down at their feet.
Learn how you can teach your child how to make eye contact with their classmates and help them remember their information in a fun way.
This process of thinking is in two parts.
The first part is to associate each word in the phrase with a mental picture to help your child recall the information.
Words are hard to remember, but pictures are not, when seeing a picture it triggers your brain into recalling the information needed.
The second part is having that picture attached to an item or person in the classroom, and that is where their eyes will look.
I will give you an example.
If your child has to remember the phrase" The Bumble Bee flies into a bowl".
First decide where your going to attach the picture to for making eye contact.
For this example I am going to attach it to the people in the front row of the classroom.
In the front row, row 1 sits Tom.
Imagine Tom as a bumble bee give him a big belly with black and yellow strips with wings and imaging him sitting in his desk hovering above the floor.
That is your visual picture for the word bumble bee.
Looking at Tom in the first row will remind you of a bumble bee.
In the front row, row 2 sits Susie.
Imagine Susie as a fly, give her big eyes, long antennas with wings, you could even imagine everyone in her row as flies.
That is your visual picture for the word flies.
Looking at Susie and the second row will help you remember the word flies.
In the front row, row 3 sits Frank.
Imagine Frank spinning inside a big bowl or Frank sitting inside a big bowl that is spinning like what someone would see at parks or fairs.
Whatever your child thinks of will be his or her visual picture for the words into a bowl is what he/she will use.
Looking at Frank in the third row will help you remember the words into a bowl.
Now lets practice: "The Bumble Bee flies into a bowl" Do you see the pictures?

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