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Every business has its own website. But all of them are not the same. Now days the online crowd has increased. So to get noticed and to stand out from them all you require is an extra ordinarily superb and greatly designed website that can get you attention from the people around the web. Follow are some of the best and very helpful tips about designing a website.

Quick Loading web site designs

Now a day's people are leading extremely fast-paced lives and everyone is competing for their attention. People do not like to wait for a webpage or website to load. So to get attention to your website you need to design it in such a way that it takes minimum time to load and is easy to assess it. Its structure should also be simple to navigate.

Clear structure and navigation of the website

If you get a visitor to your site then you have to get him go through the other pages of your site and for this you need a very simple and clearly designed navigation structure of your website. So be sure that all the important links on your website are at a particular and its right place. When a visitor visits your site he preferably looks at the right side on the top to find the important links. So place the important links of your site there only, it would be very helpful to get attention of visitor and increase the time of his visit. Link as many pages as you can to your site. You would never know what your visitor is interested in so make your website in such a way that it is assessable from all the parts of your site. And also place your important links in the footer of the page this may also help you.

Color scheme and Resolution

Generally designers make a silly and common mistake while designing a website; it is that they use too many conflicting colors. A good web design should use minimum colors and use them in such a way that they make the website attractive and catchy. The second thing that matters is resolution. Today computers come with all types of resolution, whatever type of resolution you want you get. So before starting to design your website you have to keep this in mind and then have to design your site in that way. And the best way to design your site is that you design it on the basis of the percentage.

Compatibility with Browser

While designing your website keep in mind that your site should be compatible with all the types of browsers available in the market. Design your website in such a way that it looks the same and have same quality in the both Internet Explorer as well as Netscape. Design your website in such a way that it looks great on IE. But generally Netscape have problems with the complicated HTML designs that a website may contain. These problems can easily be solved by an expert with a little practice.

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