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Cashback And Free Gifts

There has been a lot of trouble in the mobile industry recently with the collapse of a few cashback retailers.
The whole industry has changed as a result of this and you will find it difficult to find full line rental cashback offers, which is a big difference from this time last year.
Cashback mobile phone deals have changed so that most retailers are now moving towards offering automatic cashback or free gifts (such as TVs, Games Consoles or Laptops) which are much easier to claim for customers, and people are finding them much less risky.
So it seems the days of interpreting complicated terms and conditions and sending off many bills to claim a large amount of cashback are numbered, as are the risks involved in getting a cashback deal.
Automatic cashback and free gifts are quick and easy to claim and a lot of the major players in the market are owned or run by big high street stores.
There is OneStopPhoneShop and e2save who are owned by The Carphone Warehouse Group and mobiles2yourdoor who are owned by Phones4U.
And to add to this Phones4U have just announced that they have bought internet mobile retailer Dial-A-Phone for £9 million.
This is good news as in general you can rely on the larger companies to be more clear about their terms and conditions and to be quicker in sending out your free gift or cashback.
So the advice for those still interested in cashback is to read the terms and conditions before taking out a deal, always choose a line rental/monthly allowance that actually fits your usage and budget (never choose something that is higher than you can afford - with or without the cashback!) and choose a reputable company that is backed by a larger, safer high street store!

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