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Help Him Fall in Love With You - Strategies That Work

Do you find yourself in a long term relationship that falls short of total commitment? After repeated attempts at crossing the threshold, are you frustrated that it still hasn't happened? Are you ready to give up, but find yourself too in love with him to quit? If you are in love with your boyfriend, then do not give up the fight, there are things you can do to help him fall in love with you.
Abstinence makes the heart grow fonder.
Sometimes you need to step away from a relationship for the purposes of gaining a fresh new start, to a long term relationship.
Take some time off, and make yourself scarce, even when it comes to returning his phone calls.
While this will be hard for you to do, remember that your significant other will be going through the same experience, and miss you terribly, thus enabling you to take on a fresh new approach, Develop a fresh new approach when you become available again.
Developing a fresh new approach is not as hard as you might imagine.
Little things like changing the color of your hair, or adding some more passion when you kiss, will add new excitement to the relationship, and help him fall in love with you.
Consider also adding new and different clothes to your wardrobe, and let him know that you are doing it just for him.
Exaggerate your posture.
When talking with your boyfriend lean into him when he talks to you, this will emphasize your interest in him.
Do more cuddling, and hand holding or stroke his hair when your arm is around him, as this will build a more physical bond.
The point here is that you want to get his heart thumping when he is around you in order to move him closer to falling in love with you.
Open the lines of communication.
At some point the issue of moving your relationship forward will have to be discussed, but not before you have given the strategies time to take hold.
When you do feel comfortable, go ahead and begin discussing the future as it relates to the relationship, remembering not to move things to fast.
If your new approach is well thought out, and you give it enough time to work, you can help him fall in love with you.
These are general strategies that work well in general with men.
However, to use specific strategies that are the most effective, you want to make sure you target based on your man's signs.

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