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8 Tips to Flirting When You Are Traveling

There are many people who complain that they are unable to find love because their jobs require them to travel.
Seriously, there is no excuse if you are determined to find love.
Here are eight tips to help you find love even when you are going overseas:
  1. Ride airport shuttles instead of cabs.
    Try to know more women whenever you can.
  2. Wear a smile all the time.
    Even the grouchiest women prefer men who smile.
    In a recent case study, women say that men are able to increase their attractiveness rating by a shocking seventy percent when they smile regularly!
  3. Take advantage of airport delays.
    Use the extra time to flirt with shop attendants.
    Definitely, it won't help if you conversation topics revolves around the flight delays.
  4. Try to arrange your evening meals to be buffet styles.
    I am not asking you to pig out.
    But rather, you can start a raw conversation with other women who are queuing through the line as well.
  5. Ask an attractive stranger for directions.
    Even if you already know how to go, you can just act ignorant.
  6. Check the internet and find singles before you book your travel group.
  7. Don't fear a pretty girl.
    Make it a habit to chat with pretty strangers - even if you don't feel like doing so.
  8. When you keep your heart open and you are fine with rejection.
    You will be surprised at the love that will come your way.
    What's the problem? Most men fear rejection, which does not allow them to venture out of their comfort zones to explore their creativity at dating a girl.
    There are no hard and fast rules in the dating game - just techniques.

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