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How to Convert a Video Connector to an RCA Connector

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      Standard VGA port.vga image by MATTHIEU FABISIAK from

      Turn around the video component you wish to connect with an RCA-video device. For example, a trapezoidal socket with three rows of pin holes is a VGA port. A round socket with one flat edge and four or more pin holes is an S-video port. Once you know what type of connection is available, you can buy the correct adapter cable for your specific needs.

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      S-video socket.s-video image by MATTHIEU FABISIAK from

      Attach one end of the adapter cable to the compatible port on your video device. The plug on the cable end typically insets in one direction only, so orient the shape of the plug to the shape of the port and push straight in.

    • 3). Connect one end of the RCA video cable to the round socket on the other end of the adapter cable.

    • 4). Plug in the other end of the RCA cable into your RCA-enabled video device.

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