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Driving Theory test and hazard perception

Ofcourse, owning a car and knowing how to drive is very important nowadays. To drive your personal or any other vehicle you should have a driving license that is a legal evidence that you can drive and are aware of all the rules and regulations. There are a few legal requirements to be fulfilled to own a driving license and drive a car legally. With the test one gets a chance to show if they have the required skills to cope with the kind of traffic conditions they will face daily. Learning about the road safety skills from the very start of the driving process will help make new drivers safer and keep them away from indulging in reckless driving or drunken driving. It is also intended to verify whether the candidate is fully capable of driving on a chaotic road without posing any kind of danger to any of his other companions driving on the road. And so to get a full driving license, you need to go through the theory test and the practical test. To give these tests you have to know the traffic laws, traffic signs and also the rules and regulations of the road. Following this will be a practical driving test. This principle began on 1st July 1997 and it would amount to £31.00 to get a license made for car or a bike. To get this license you should have a provisional license and you should be at least 17 years old. The Theory test comprises of two parts i.e. the multiple choice questions and the hazard perception test. This was included in the test on 14 November 2002. To possess the license you need to successfully pass both. This test contains multiple choice questions whereby you will be provided with a number of questions with a number of answers, up to six in total. You will have to choose the correct ones. At times it could have 2 or more answers correct, so do read the question carefully. In the hazardous perception test you will be shown a video clip associated with driving, where there will be a developing hazard that you will have to recognize and show your consciousness by simply clicking. You will be provided with a touch screen computer and headphones. You will have 14 video clips on the pc, each of approximately one minute. Each hazard will have a maximum of 5 points. You'll need a total of 44 points from 75 points to clear the exam. You should take this tests very seriously as it is quite tough to clear them. To pass the theory test in the first attempt it is better spend some time learning with the aid of a book or an online theory test rather then risk failing and losing the reserving fee. About half the people who take a theory test fail on the first go. Most of the time this is the hazard perception video clips but can be multiple choice tests too. To increase your chances, it's better to prepare on a pc that has similar tests as the ones that done on the test day. For the practical test it is better to utilize a approved driving instructor (ADI) as they are qualified to teach learner drivers and have a lot of experience training learners the skills they require. If you intend to do everything on your own, you should take care that you don't ignore anything and do consider each and everything. Therefore, it's preferable to learn from a trainer in a most convenient way instead of learning improper habits that are a danger to you and also to other users of the road. An instructor would let you know of each and every rule which you need to know while appearing for these tests. Once you have passed both the practical and theory test you will have to inform the DVLA within two years to obtain the full driving license. Else you will have to appear for these tests all over again. After you apply the DVLA will send your license in less than four weeks.

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