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Interior Design with Your Personality in Mind: Part 4

In Part 4 the last of the series of articles Interior Design with Personality in Mind an outline of the personality and interior design styles and how they can work together will be continued. Enough information will be given in all four articles to enable you to work out your dominant personality style and what interior design style and colours would be most suitable for you.

As stated in part one there are four basic personality types; sanguine, choleric, phlegmatic and melancholy. Hippocrates identified and labeled these four basic personality types over 2000 years ago. The person with a phlegmatic personality is very laid back an easy going and easy to get along no fuss sort of person.

The phlegmatic person can be an introvert and a pessimist. They prefer to follow rather than lead. Their easy relaxed personality makes them eager to please. They crave peace. In a group they will often sit back and watch others. Friendly, people orientated; family is most important to them. It is estimated sixty eight percent of the population have phlegmatic personality traits.

People with phlegmatic tendencies usually have sanguine or melancholy traits. They are unlikely to have few or any choleric traits. The choleric and phlegmatic personalities are opposites. Those with a choleric style can see the phlegmatic person as lazy or slow. Phlegmatic people take their time and don't like to be rushed. They think people with strong choleric tenancies should slow down, stop bossing everyone around and stop rushing.

If you haven't done so already you could go to http://creativebuzzing.blogspot.com/2010/05/quick-mini-quiz-interior-design-with.html you will find ‘Quick Personality Quiz' this will give you a hint of which style you have and some links to some online sources on personality styles.

To recap from article one to make it easier to work out which style is most suitable for which personality the styles numerous interior design styles have been narrowed down the into four broad categories. Each style has been given a name; Ethnic Cultural, Mini Modern, Enviro/Natural and Traditional/Classic.

The enviro/natural interior design style would be most suitable for the person with a phlegmatic personality. The style is characterised by the use of environmentally friendly materials. This style is made up of comfortable and sturdy items and an unsophisticated decor. Lots of family photographs and mementoes create a family orientated interior space. Comfortable cushions and throws are placed on well stuffed upholstered sofas. Relaxation is of vital importance.

The old world charm of the French Provencal, cottage or country style suits the phlegmatic easy going personality. They often dislike using fashionable items unless they have a high level of comfort. They can tend to be hoarders, keeping every drawing drawn by the children.

If the phlegmatic person was a colour they could well be green. Green is the most restful to the eye. Phelgmatic people have the most restful personality of all the personality styles. Green is associated with stability and security. The phlegmatic wants stability and security.

The Roman Pliny stated "Emerald delights the eye without fatiguing it"

Green can be successfully used with blue or yellow. Just as the phlegmatic person can have melancholy or sanguine traits. Green is restful, refreshing and studies have show it to be beneficial to eyes, nerves and disposition. Green when used with yellow can appear warm. Green used with blue can appear cool.

Note: Using a colour wheel can be very helpful when selecting a colour scheme. The wheel can be purchased at most art and craft and some office supply stores

As mentioned in the first article the colour term speaks of the family of colour for example green includes aqua or grey green. Each colour red, yellow, blue or green can be tinted or toned to create thousands of different shades of the colour. A tint refers to a colour plus the addition of different quantities of white. A toned colour can be created by adding grey and black.

Red-orange is the warmest colour and blue-green is the coolest colour. If people with a mix of phlegmatic and sanguine traits were a colour they could well be yellow-green. People with a mix of phlegmatic and melancholy could be blue- green. People with a mix of choleric and melancholy could be a blue-violet, violet or red-violet. People with a mix of choleric and sanguine traits could be orange, yellow orange or red orange. This gives an indication of the variations of combinations in the personality styles and colour.

The sanguine and choleric personalities are like warm colours advancing and strong. The phlegmatic and melancholy personalities are cooler and tend to recede. If the people who occupy a space have different personality temperaments then select colours between the primary colour. For example if a choleric red and sanguine yellow live together then a red-orange, orange or yellow-orange colour scheme would reflect both personality styles.

If you are a relaxed, family orientated phlegmatic the enviro/natural interior design style used with green or blue green with touches of earthy brown could well suit your personality.

Louis Cheskin Market research pioneer & founder of Cheskin Research ‘The right colours are silent music: the wrong colours irritate and disturb'

The information shared in this series on personalities, interior styles and colours has been gathered over many years of study.They are both fascinating topics. Highly fashionable colour choices can be dated within a year. So selecting colours and interior design styles to suit your personality is a safer wiser option when decorating your home.

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