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Oxygen Facials Will Give You Radiant Skin

Perhaps one of the most talked about treatments in recent years has been the oxygen facial.
Many celebrities swear by it and the Hollywood Red Carpet regulars can't get enough of it.
Madonna has gone as far as hiring her own private esthetician to perform oxygen facials during her tours.
This is the perfect facial for any skin type and has an impressive list of immediate benefits.
Your skin will be more properly hydrated, plumper, refreshed and younger as the results are cumulative.
But perhaps the biggest misconception about oxygen facials is that the esthetician will just blow some oxygen on your face and call it a day.
This is not the case.
A real oxygen facial delivers the oxygen under pressure with an oxygen gun, creating a condition similar to a hyperbaric chamber.
A hyperbaric chamber creates a condition whereby the oxygen pressure is above normal for the atmosphere and forces oxygen into the tissue.
The oxygen penetrates deeply into the skin delivering its powerful regenerative benefits.
Not using the above technique but just spraying the oxygen on top of the face might feel nice but it has little benefits.
This is why there is so much controversy about the benefits of oxygen facials and why some doctor see no value in them.
When estheticians have administer this facial in the past it was just spraying oxygen on the clients face.
NOT very beneficial as there was no way for the oxygen to penetrate the skin.
Oxygen when delivered by hyperbaric means oxygenates the skin and this is why doctors have used it in hospitals to treat burn victims and help heal wounds more rapidly.
The reason for is because oxygen helps to accelerates the cell renewal process from the usual 28 days to just 14 days.
Some of the benefits of oxygen in facials are: its antibacterial properties, reducing or eliminating acne, improves skin tone, its anti-aging because it speeds up cell turnover.
During an oxygen facial most spas infused the oxygen with a super charge serum driving the product into the tissue for maximal effectiveness.
The serum contains essential vitamins and antioxidants that work together to promote healthy skin and eliminate free radicals that cause premature aging.
The results are visible immediately, the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing and firming of the skin, enhanced elasticity and of course rapid growth of cell regeneration.
A true anti-aging facial.

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