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How to Make Him Fall in Love - How to Open His Heart to Loving You

Do you think you're meant to be with him forever and you want to make him fall in love with you? Is he a really great guy and you know that you'd be great together? Has he shown signs of affection, but they are small and subtle and you want him to come straight out with a grand declaration of his love for you? Romance novels have sure skewed our view of what relationships should be.
We want romantic gestures that will sweep us off our feet.
But sometimes we can get so blinded by the vision of romance we have that we miss out on a really great guy.
Put the novel aside and look at relationships realistically.
For one thing, this romance isn't all about you.
If you insist it should, you'll probably end up with a romance for one.
While men can be greatly generous when it comes to women and they want to show them a good time and assure they're having fun, they also want to enjoy their time.
Watch for signs that he's having fun with you.
If you're talking ceaselessly, take a breather and try to gauge if he's really interested in what you're saying or he's just zoning out.
If you drag him to a girly event, is he bored silly? And if you start to make demands for more romance and more elaborate gestures, is he growing weary of trying to keep up with your never ending pressure? If you want him to stick around for a good long while, you need to keep him happy as well.
At the very least you should be complimenting him when he does something thoughtful.
Praise him for the great man he is.
Admire the great qualities he has.
If you just point out what he didn't do, criticize his weaknesses and complain about his every flaw, how long do you think he's going to want to stick around? Men want to have fun.
They want to feel good about the time they spend with you.
While no relationship is ever split even when it comes to give and take, you don't want to let this relationship get so out of balance that he'll just decide you're not worth it.
Make it worth it and show him you're just as concerned with his happiness as he is with yours.
This happy balance, all enveloped in good times and plenty of love, is what will make for a great and long lasting romance.
He'll fall in love with all the great things you bring to his life.

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