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Tips For The Convenience Of Visitors Blog

Blog., Is no stranger to the blog name,
There are many kinds of reasons people create blogs, ranging from
expressions of the heart, personal experience, and who share a variety of products and software, and the selling.

But keep in mind the convenience of visitors who read our article, make visitors as comfortable as possible and for as long as at our blog, make articles interesting and easily understood by visitors.

Visitors will feel at home at our blog when the articles or posts that we write interesting or useful for the visitors, comfort can also be felt by the visitor of the contents of the article, but the look of the blog also have a major theme for visitors.

For the convenience of visitors:

1. Make navigation easy as possible to browse the entire contents of our blog that will make him feel at home in the blog.

2. Eliminate the less useful widgets such as installation of knick-knacks such as hours, ym, fans page, and others that are at least interfere with the comfort of visitors, widgets in addition to reducing the convenience of visitors too burdensome loading the page, visitors certainly do not like the blog a long time loading , he would switch sides to look for more somewhere else rather than having to wait for the page is open.

3. Make a menu that allows visitors to find content from our blog, ranging from about, contact us, and categories, to contact us better not show our private email, because not all visitors were good, some are fun to use our email for the purposes -the purpose of harming us, for example, he idly enter the e-mail us to subscribe box so that we got him when he"s RSS email updates post.

4. make a special contact form provided free by many providers website contact form, with the installation of this contact form will facilitate a visitor to contact us.

5. Reduce the use of javascript, it will also ease the loading page

6. Background, the background also affects the loading page, so use the background color is not too conspicuous, and use the background file is very small in size so as not to burden the opening page,
"I suggest do not use background"

7. Make your article easy to understand, not must long but hard to understand.

Maybe you also have to understand about the meaning of comfort.
Tips for the convenience of visitors blog

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