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3 Insider Tips to Help You Make It As a Professional Dancer

What's crackin? Here are some insider tips to help you get prepared for the Professional Dance world.
Tip-1) The Audition There are 2 types of auditions Cattle Calls- auditions where everybody who is a dancer comes out in hopes to get the job.
These auditions can last anywhere from 4 to 8 hr and as many as 100 to 500 dancers could show up.
So be prepared.
Bring a lunch and lots of water, also bring headphones so you can practice while you wait.
Head shots and resume is a must and bring your A Game.
Request Auditions- You have to have a agent to get requested to go to this audition.
Only a few dancer are selected to get the opportunity to audition for the job.
Dancers are selected by pictures based on height, body type, hair color, and ethnicity.
Good thing about this type of audition it has less people and they know the "type" they are looking for which gives you a better chance at getting the job.
They only usually last for 2 to 4hr or even less.
Tip-2) Now you're in the audition.
Well let me tell ya talent alone won't get you the job.
You must first look the part...
Image is everything.
If you have an agent they will give you the breakdown of what to wear.
Always dress to impress.
For both guys and girls it is good to show some skin.
You be the judge on how much skin you want to show but don't over do it.
Your style should be current you don't want to show up in some MC Hammer pants and a polka dot shirt.
Check out music videos and fashion magazines to let you know what's hot.
So if you were the one that stood out at the audition, you're booked for the job! Once you've gotten the job here is what to expect...
Tip-3) Don't assume that all the hard work is over now that you booked the job.
Now it is time to really bring your A-game cause you still could get fired, so always put you best foot forward.
If it is your first job and you get fired it could ruin your reputation and hurt you confidence as a dancer.
Be on time and be social make friends.
don't kiss butt but be yourself.

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