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Freedom Force VS The Third Reich - Game Review Rating

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Publisher: Irrational Games Rating: Teen

Content Guide:Mild Violence, some language, Nazis, magic.

The Game

This is the second installment of the Freedom Force franchise from Irrational Games. All of the comic characters from the first game are here; Mentor, Alchemiss, The Ant, and The Minuteman. Play as a superhero to save the world agains the Third Reich.

The Storyline

The Freedom Force is a super hero group from the 70?s that has gotten their super powers from a mysterious thing called Energy X.

This Energy X was given to us, not by benevolent beings with intentions to help us, but evil aliens bent on seeing the citizens of earth destroy themselves. But, thanks to the heroic Mentor, who has used Energy X to empower good people who want to see earth saved, the earth has a chance.

This time, there is trouble from the past as the villainous Blitzkrieg has taken Energy X back in time and has helped the Third Reich to win the war and turn America and Patriot city into a Nazi haven. The comic book heroes must go back in time to aid the heroes from World War II like Black Jack, Tricolour, and The Sky King. Only together, can they hope to stop Blitzkrieg and save the future from the evils of the Third Reich.


If you liked the first game, then you will most certainly like the sequel. The graphics are a bit better and I felt that the game play overall was a smoother. There are lots of the same characters to choose from, but you will need to rebuild your team, and they won?t start out as powerful as they were when you left them last time.

One of the charms of this game is the campiness of it. It has a more playful tone to it versus other super hero games, ala the 70?s Batman TV show. If you don?t like that kind of thing, then you may get frustrated quickly, as the voice overs, cut scenes, and origins of the characters have a very overemphasized dramatic quality to them, and they don?t let up.


Overall, the story is good, the characters are fun to control, and one of the great aspects of the game is that you can create your own characters to add into the game and play. In fact, this is one of Freedom Force?s greatest features. Through the map-making and character design features, you can create your own adventures for others to face. There is a huge community of people making ?mods? or stand alone games that can be downloaded and played for free. Some of these games even allow you to play mainstream comic book characters. Be warned though, Marvel and DC have sent out cease and desist letters to the people they find doing this, but they have not yet taken court action as they have against City of Heroes, for the ability to make Marvel characters with their character creation program.

Freedom Force has some hard pills to swallow in the terms of its silliness and the campy way they approach comics and comic book characters, but the game is still very fun to play. If you are looking for a good stand alone comic book based game, and don?t want to spend a monthly fee just to play like in City of Heroes, then you should give Freedom Force VS the Third Reich a try.

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