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Budget Tour In Malaysia

Situated in the centre of South East Asia is a sparkling jewel known as Malaysia.
Malaysia is separated by the South China Sea into West and East Malaysia and it has Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand as direct neighbours.
Malaysia has always been a famed and sought after tourist destination, with statistics ranking it as the 9th most visited country in the world.
Such tourism prowess is owed to a lot Malaysia's unique traits.
Malaysia lies in between the fabled trade route between the ancient east and the west.
Today it serves primarily as an international hub for transiting passengers going through Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).
There a few reasons why tourists choose Malaysia as their preferred holiday destination.
Tourists often come to Malaysia to enjoy the warm all year round tropical climate as a getaway from their barren winter seasons.
Besides that, Malaysia is geographically and politically stable, making it a safe destination for people from different regions.
Another benefit for tourists is the advantage of the exchange of their own currency over the Malaysian Ringgit.
Food, beverages and things are reasonably priced all over the country, making Malaysia a potential shopping haven.
There are a multitude of different culture, races and ethnicities in Malaysia living together in racial harmony.
Such ethnic diversity is also another main reason why more and more tourists choose Malaysia over other destinations.
Each culture has so much to offer in terms of lifestyle, food and also way of life.
Tourists can try the Malay mee jawa, roti canai, laksa and also the famous kolo mee from Kuching.
The beauty of it all is that every race respects one another and they accept different views from each of the different cultures.
Besides the unique culture, the lush tropical climate and also the political and racial harmony, Malaysia also provides a whole host of different holiday packages for tourists.
Tourists seeking adventure, shopping or a simple retreat can always find their preferred holiday package in Malaysia.
For the adventure seekers, Malaysia has a whole list of national parks covering vast tropical rain forests.
The most famous being the Taman Negara and the Kinabalu National Park, with the latter being the home of the highest peak in the region.
The nation's metropolitan capital, Kuala Lumpur, provides large scale shopping malls for shopaholics alike.
For those seeking a holiday retreat, they should look no further than to pay "Redang" or Tioman Island a visit.
Malaysia is fast gaining popularity as an internationally acclaimed holiday destination.
One contributor to this cause is the fact that Malaysia is being heavily promoted as an outbound tourist destination in various countries.
There are collaborations between governments from different countries to promote their respective countries as a tourist destination.
Such efforts can be seen through international campaigns such as collaborations with Manchester United FC and Chelsea FC for Visit Malaysia Year 2007.
To enjoy the best out of Malaysia, potential tourists would need to seek the help of an established guide for assistance and guidance.
An experienced guide should be able to speak the native languages of Malaysia and have a good insight of all the places of interests in the country.
These guides are usually natives and they can communicate with the local folks better to ensure that you get the most out of your holiday retreat.
These guides can also be the key for you to enjoy budget or domestic tours within the country.
Examples of these tours include the tour of different states and their own various attractions.
Such packages usually cover a shorter time period and would cost considerably less compared to a full tour package.
Tourists can actually get to understand the country better with budget tours as they cover the finer details which make up the magical country of Malaysia.

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