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Do Looks Truly Matter in A Pick Up?

Mmmmm let's see...
My credentials as a successful pick up artist would inevitably become more solid if I was a pig eyed horse frightener with bad breath.
"How the hell would you be able to pull the stunts you do if you were grossly unattractive?" I hear you say.
Mmmmm, fair point.
For better or worse, I'm afraid to say I'm decent looking, and in a way I do think I have certain advantages over the unattractive guys.
Having said that, we've all seen beasts going out with beauties.
Often these guys have other qualities which make up for their lack of looks.
They may have the cocky confidence so attractive to many women or they may have elements to their personality which appeal to that particular woman.
The variables of how they could be attractive to the opposite sex are endless.
I find women respond hugely to behavior.
Also, women have different tastes.
I have heard women say they would never sleep with a Brad Pitt looking guy!!! I doubt I'll meet many guys who wouldn't sleep with a Claudia Schiffer lookalike.
Well, as you probably already know there are many different types of game and, although I'd always recommend to switch your tricks around and always experiment, you'll undoubtedly see better results by playing to your strengths.
If you're not an attractive guy you may have to invest more time in your target.
Sometimes playful ploughing can give you surprisingly good results.
I find direct game works well for me generally, but I had girls stolen from under my nose by guys I considered less attractive than me.
But wait a minute.
These guys didn't look like they'd stayed indoors in front of the screen playing dungeons and dragons (or whatever it is you kids play these days) for the last 4000 nights.
They had fashion sense, they had a cool look, they had body language which suggested that they thought they were the big fucking daddy.
All of which can be acquired.
You're friends, especially female friends, need to be ruthless with you and tell you if you look shit.
Beg them to be.
Pay someone to tell you what style would suit you best if you have to.
It'll be worth it.
Often I see guys go out "on da sarge" dressed in a style that's like a cross between I've not shopped since I was fourteen and that was in a fishing shop.
I've seen girls say they fancied a guy purely by the way he was dressed!!! Several times!!!!!!! So, do looks matter in pick up? Well, I think they do.
But most average looking guys can improve on them hugely.
See the people you need to see in order to make that change.
Unfortunately you may have to spend some dosh, but if you spend it wisely it won't break the bank and you'll see amazing results.

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