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How to Get a Guy! Here is What Every Confused Lady Should Do Before Before She Gets a Guy

If you are eyeing someone and you're dying for him to notice you, then read on.
Just make sure about your feelings for the guy before you actually jump into anything serious.
Remember that to catch a guy is easy, for as long as you know how to play your cards well.
Speak without talking Use body language to convey your message.
Make eye contact and always remember to smile.
Doing these would relay a message that's certain-that you do like him and you're prepared to get to know him.
Walk past him If your eyes never met, then walk in front of him.
Greet him with a simple "hi" and a beautiful smile, and if he smiles back and responds, then you know he was noticed you.
Be dashing as you walk by; wear something that would catch him off guard or something he will definitely remember.
Show your bright side Don't just flash a smile, learn to laugh and to not take yourself too seriously-this changes everything.
You make look gorgeous but with a dull aura, you're reduced to nothing Be elegantly stylish Look good and wear something nice.
It's not necessary that your clothes be expensive but you can be classy if you know how to choose the right ones that match your personality or bring out your assets.
Dress appropriately but just be careful not to overdress-remember that less is more.
Be assertive but not aggressive Display confidence and feel good about yourself.
Men see confident women to be attractive so always be sure about yourself and walk with your head held high.
Don't slouch or look sloppy, those are the very things that men laugh at.
Befriend him Make yourself available when he needs you, be a companion when he's alone, in short, be someone he can depend on.
Be his friend, a relationship will have good foundation if it's solidly based on friendship.
No pretensions Be true, display no facade and remember that what you give to others will come back to you.
If you've sown honesty from the start, he will not have any reason to be dishonest with you.
Also, don't try too hard to impress him and be the person you're not just so he would like you.
If he does not like you, then it's his loss!.
Getting the guy you want is not as important as getting the right one.
Be sure to wish for someone who will take care and accept you as you are.
It's better to wait for someone that you're sure of rather than to want somebody just because he's currently available.

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