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How to Try Windows Live Hotmail in a Different Language

You think English is boring? Your mother tongue is Italiano? You've always wanted to look like you knew Français?

Windows Live Hotmail speaks a number of languages including Spanish, German, French, Italian, Japanese and Chinese.

Try Windows Live Hotmail in a Different Language

To celst a different interface language for Windows Live Hotmail:

  • Follow the link.
    • It's the first link following the third sub-head on the page.
  • Make sure your desired language is selected.
  • Click Save.
    • Of the two buttons at the bottom, this is the left one.

Try MSN Hotmail in a Different Language

To change the display language of MSN Hotmail:
  • Follow the Options link in Hotmail.
  • Go to the Personal category.
  • Select Language.
  • Select the language of your choice.
  • Click OK.

How to Get Back Your Original MSN Hotmail Language Even if You Understand Nothing Now

If you try a language just for fun, be aware that everything in Hotmail, including both the Options and the Language link and the language choices will appear in the selected language. Be prepared for some guessing when you want to go back to plain old English Hotmail.

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