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The Passive Profits Program Is This A System That Truly Works

I know you have discovered that every single day a completely new and amazing system is being released to show individuals how to make money on the Internet. I am sure you undoubtedly know that most of these so called miracle programs are basically garbage. Don't misunderstand me you can find some great programs and software that can help you to make money online. But over all people seem to just be taking advantage of those who are trying to produce some extra money online. Here I am going to give you an insiders glance at the Instant Passive Profits system.

When you first arrive at the site all you see is a video of a guy informing you that this program works, big surprise huh. The website itself doesn't have any other written content on it, all you see is the order link and of course the video itself. The actual length of the online video is 30 minutes long and the gentleman on the video seems very sincere. He goes on in the video clip explaining that all the programs that are new products, are released the designers never tell you what the product does. Now, the portion of the video that threw up the first red flag is that he also doesn't explain to you what his product is either. He does however provide you with a quick look at the software, and he shows himself using it which takes about 20 seconds and your lead to believe that is all there is to it.

Right now, lets get to the truth of the program. I bought this program, for the reason that I purchase just about every program that comes out to see if it is a thing that I can recommend to others. Well, once I bought the program and experienced about 10 to 15 more, up sell pages I finally got to the program. And I am confident you've already suspected, but I made a decision to pass on those up sells.

Now the actual "astounding" software itself that only took him seconds to use is a software application that scrapes the search engine results pages. The actual way it works is you take a targeted keyword for what ever system your promoting and this software does a search on the search engines and gives you the URL's of the websites that are on the first couple of pages of the results. Then you are told that you need to register with a pay per view program, which, by the way will cost you yet another $100, you then enter these URL's that you got from the search engines in to the pay per view program and you simply pay for the views. And truth be told it gets even better, they give you the link to sign up for the pay per view program which happens to be their affiliate link for that program.

In the event you wind up watching the sales video you will end up being told that with very little energy you can start getting huge levels of traffic and sales. They of course, don't tell you that when you buy their program you still have to fork out another $100 to "maybe" make this work. The funny thing would be that the software they're selling really does nothing but enable you to get the search engine results, which again you can acquire yourself. In a nutshell this is just one other system which does not supply what they promise. In case you really want a good program for getting visitors or traffic, I would suggest the "Magic Traffic Accelerator".

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