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How to Block Print With Acrylic Paint

    • 1). Using an X-acto knife or etching tool, carve a simple design into a block of glycerin soap. Be sure to use extreme care when working with sharp-edged tools. Cut the lines at least ¼-inch deep into the soap bar. Clean away the flakes of cut soap to make clean lines.

    • 2). Fill a cookie tray with the color of acrylic paint that you will use to make your print. Use a small paint brush or paint roller to cover the design on the soap with paint.

    • 3). Press the paint covered soap block onto the paper. Press down for several seconds before peeling away the paper to reveal your painted design. Allow print to dry.

    • 4). Use a toothpick to clean out the lines of your carved design. Wipe away excess paint with a washcloth. Apply paint and repeat the printing process to make additional prints.

    • 5). Try carving designs into different mediums like linoleum blocks or Styrofoam food containers. Repeat the paint application and printing process. Compare your prints to determine which medium makes the best designs.

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