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Enchanting Trainer - Get a Headstart With Enchanting Right Now

Are you having problems training your Enchanting? Suffering the burden of gold prices of expensive materials your enchanting trainer requires you to purchase from Auction Houses? That's usually the case for players who start off enchanting.
Enchanting materials even low level ones cost a bomb simply because many players enjoy creating alts and using low level enchants to go PvP with or even reducing the time they spend leveling.
So you're new to World of Warcraft and are just visiting your enchanting trainer to learn the profession.
Here's what you do, visit the tailoring trainer as well.
"WHAT? I'm about to spend massive gold on one profession and you ask me to TAKE ANOTHER?".
You won't regret it.
Tailors use cloth and as a player who's just getting into the game you're going to be leveling and killing humanoids along the way.
Every humanoid drops cloth which you're going to use to craft cloth items with Tailoring and you're going to Disenchant them using Enchanting.
This makes you self-sufficient and will save you enough gold to buy your Epic whatever Flying Mount later.
As with most guides which provide an enchanting trainer, they don't mention this to you but cloth is easily accessible.
I'm not even saying you have to farm it.
What I'm telling you is that cloth is cheap because every player is out there right now killing mobs that drop cloth because their quests tell them to kill them but have no use for the cloth and therefore sell it on the Auction House.
Yes that's right, a truck-load of supply.
As compared to Enchanting materials.
What YOU can do is convert it to something you can use to level your Enchanting.
For the purpose of the expansion "Cataclysm" coming out soon, it's probably a good idea to be patient when it comes to heading for that new "Illustrious" rank which is the highest level of enchanting.
If you rush to your enchanting trainer and immediately start crafting every recipe you receive you'll probably go broke as that's what every other player will probably be doing.
My suggestion for that is to start stock piling materials now before the expansion hits and while everyone else is increasing their enchanting level to just get out there and level.
Don't forget that many recipes especially the rare ones aren't going to be from your trainer but probably rare drops from bosses in dungeons.
And that's where the gold opportunities are.

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