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How to Flirt With Guys - Become Irresistible to the Man of Your Dreams!

Know how to flirt with guys? Some girls will instantly nod, while others will blush or try to mumble an excuse as to why they don't bother with flirting.
While flirting mostly receives a negative connotation, it can actually be a positive activity and a lethal weapon in attracting men, especially when used the right way.
Flirting is a tactic used by women in order to get to know a man and still keep his interest and eyes trained on her.
If you want to learn how to flirt with guys, you will have to know the basic difference between good flirting and bad flirting.
Bad Flirting: The No-No's of Flirting! There is such a thing as bad flirting when it comes to learning how to flirt with guys.
If you want to attract a potential long term partner, then be careful of how you use flirting to your advantage.
Once you use it the right way, you will only succeed in putting off men or appearing as someone desperate for attention.
What exactly is bad flirting? It is being exaggeratedly outrageous or using extreme physical measures to get close to a guy.
Most guys like girls with an air of mystery, so when you expose all to a guy when you flirt, he will quickly lose interest because he will not find you challenging at all.
Bad flirting is also being excessively noisy and doing so while drunk.
There is nothing remotely attractive about a noisy, drunk woman who can't think straight and doesn't seem to know what she's saying.
Good Flirting: What Men Really Want It's simple: MYSTERY.
This is a principle that you must apply in your flirting tactics in order to snag a potential lover or partner.
Guys love a challenge; they're simply wired like that, and they will enjoy the experience of chasing after something that seems elusive.
It's the game they love to play all the time.
Therefore, by appearing mysterious and not giving yourself away during your first meeting, you can get a guy interested in you.
The key to good flirting is balance.
Give a little here, take back some there.
Show him a little, then back off a little.
This endless game of hide-and-seek keeps men waiting and wanting more.
By doing so, you are creating a window of opportunity for a possibly exciting relationship that will be spiced up by your flirting skills!

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