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Building an Ecommerce Website on a Budget

If you have ever tried pursuing a custom web development project for your ecommerce website, you already know how expensive and comprehensive the entire process can be. However, ecommerce websites can give your existing business exponential boost by opening doors to an entirely new generation of customers.
It is important to know that majority of the time that goes into the construction of an ecommerce portal is in the development phase. Here are a few reasons why and tips on how you can cut costs here -

€ Selecting a Hosting that is Scalable

This is usually the biggest budget killer. Most online stores have thousands of products and hence require significant space for their database. Furthermore, including additional security levels also escalates costs. While there are a variety of competitive hosting solutions available in the marketing, the ideal thing to do is to start with the plan that is the cheapest. In most cases, you will not require all that extra space right from the beginning. Remember that almost all servers are salable, so you can easily add extra space based on requirement.

€ Keeping your Developer from Micromanaging

Ecommerce solutions take a while to construct. The back end systems here are a lot more elaborate than that of a non-commerce website. Your developer will be focusing on privacy and security, features that facilitate cross selling, up selling, shipping, payment and inventory management. This can take up significant work hours.

Furthermore, feeding information such as product categories, images, descriptions, etc can take up a lot of time. To be able to save time and money you can consider learning how to work the back end software during your free time. This way, you will be able to independently add product information and let the developer take on more productive tasks during the time you are paying them.

€ Planning your Site Around a Strategy

This step involves a combination of things that can cost significant time as well as money. Your ecommerce website can prove to be a rather massive undertaking if it isn't planned in the right way. Before starting, ask yourself the following questions:

- Who is your customer?
- How do you intend to attract them?
- How do you intend to deliver a positive experience?
- How many products do you intend to sell on your website?
- Is there any kind of integrations that you may require?
- How do you foresee that your business will grow and change in the future?

Having some clarity in all these areas can prove to be critical before starting the development. While this level of planning may seem like an expensive endeavor upfront, it will eventually save you significant time and money during the execution phase. More importantly, you will also have a clearer picture of the time and money you will actually need.

If you aren't unsure how to go about this, the ideal thing to do is to get in touch with your development agency that will happy to sit with you and understand your vision and help building an excellent website for your business.

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