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What to Do When She Doesn"t Call

So you are trying to get in touch with an ex-girlfriend.
You try and call to tell her your intentions and you continuously get ignored.
It happens to all of us.
What you need to do is not be so desperate.
She will eventually call if you simmer down for a bit.
Now I am not saying that she will call and want to jump back in your arms, but she will eventually call.
You have to give her time.
If you love her, and you feel she loves you, the communication will come back.
I mention this over and over in my posts.
Too many calls and text pages is nothing but trouble for you.
If you do that, you are scaring her away.
Think about how you feel if, say, a bill collector kept calling you, as an example.
You would start to feel threatened and you would see the number and not pick up.
Now maybe that is a simplistic example, but you should catch my drift.
Bill collectors are going to call and call again until they get their payment.
You should not treat the woman you love as someone that you are trying to collect a debt from, you should give her time to think about her own life.
You wouldn't want someone just to talk to you because you are annoying them and they think you will stop if they do, do you? The healthiest way to get back on track with a loved one, is to give it time.
She will eventually call, and you will be happiest to know that she did it on her own.

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