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35th Birthday Party Ideas

    Aging but Beautiful

    • Center the party around a "stay young" theme. Guests can bring products, anti-aging books and even framed advertisements for creams, vitamins and machines guaranteed to peel off the years.

    Thirty-Something Gifts

    • Thirty-five jewels

      Ask guests to bring joke gifts in increments of 35 such as 35 pencils, 35 playing cards (can't get a full deck), 35 grocery coupons (save now). Or, they can only buy gifts with thirty-five pennies, 35¢, thirty-five nickels, $1.75, dimes, $3.50, or quarters, $8.75.

    Don't Look Back

    • Make being "suddenly suspicious" your party theme as in, "You can't trust anyone over 30." Have someone be a food taster for the guest, another an armed guard. Paste Mylar on invitations and name tags, with the words like, "don't look back," "watch it," and "suspicious character." Decorate with home security signs, fake locks and protective latches.

    Time Capsule

    • Make it special

      Put together a "guest of honor" time capsule. Collect artifacts and photos from their life. You can include a newspaper from the day they were born, classroom photos, a favorite childhood toy or piece of teen clothing, business cards from where they worked and more.

    Use Their Favorites

    • Build a party around their favorite hobby, sport, television show or occupation. Coordinate the music, food and activities. For example, a football enthusiast would see home field jerseys, bobbleheads and mascots as decorations; gifts are team-logo inspired, and the cake is a playing field with guest's names iced in frosting in the bleachers.

    An Unusual Outing

    • Have a gourmet picnic in the park. Serve champagne, caviar and pâtés, Caesar salad, prime rib and all the accouterments for a fancy meal but present it on plastic ware. String twinkle lights in the trees. The invitation is a jewel-studded, red checkerboard fabric place mat, rolled up with the directions inside.

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